Princeton Gears Up For SXSW

16 03 2010

If you’re one of the lucky thousands of people heading to Austin right now for the annual SXSW festival, roadtripping your way towards five days of film, music, parties, and Stetson hats, I have 2 things to say to you:

1) I’m amazingly jealous. I don’t even want to hear about how fun it is. Especially from you, roommate.

2) YOU HAVE FIVE CHANCES TO CATCH PRINCETON getting in on the action. Check them out:

Wed March 17 @ 2:30pm – Scoot Inn – SSW Fan In The Fire Mag Party

Wed March 17 @ 8:00pm – Wave Rooftop – SXSW Kanine Showcase

Thurs March 18 @ 12:30am – Creekside Lounge

Fri March 19 @ 12:00am – Club Deville – SXSW Brooklyn Vegan Party

Sat March 20 @ 4:00pm – Cafe Munid – SXSW Kevchino Party

Listen to their track, “Eminent Victorians” used in Moonshine Inc.

And if you have some extra time to kill after seeing all five shows, try to see Kick Ass or any of the 7 bands repped by Nacional Records.  No, neither the movie or any of the bands are associated with Moonshine Inc. – they’re just good.




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