About Moonshine Inc.

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Now, you may be wondering what exactly this is.  Will I learn how to make my exboyfriend cluck like a chicken?  Get the recipe for bathtub gin?

Although both of those skills are handy – no.  This is a movie.

Moonshine Inc. is a screwball comedy about young people who passionately care about creating something new with their lives.  It’s about the artistic process, full of mystery and uncertainty, whether your medium is paint or the senses.

It’s also a romance.  It’s about a couple deciding to ignore one another’s insanities and to consolidate their strengths.

But back to the comedy.  It’s absurd and ironic to sell moonshine in Silver Lake, and these characters know it.  Their dialogue stems from the screwball comedy tradition of the 1930s and 40s.  It’s a film where smart people talk fast while cracking wise.  It’s an attempt to update the cinema of Preston Sturges, of The Thin Man, of Bringing Up Baby to the 2000s.

Naturally, Moonshine Inc. also comes out of the French New Wave.  In the early 60s filmmakers took new technologies onto the streets to make youth oriented films.  Today we’re using HD technology to create a tiny but truthful feature.  We don’t have a lot of money and are shooting on a small scale, but our poverty parallels that of our characters.  As filmmaker’s we’re making a small, odd, artisanal film about characters making small, odd, artisanal moonshine cocktails.  The moonshine cocktails Win envisions (e.g. the California Roll cocktail, the Ketchup cocktail, pork liquer) are the alcoholic equivalents to this film— peculiar, but undeniably tasty.

More than that it’s fun, visually fresh, made on the street, full of witty dialogue, and all about the birth of a new generation of artists.  A generation that includes both moonshining mixologists and online filmmakers.


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