The Film

He cures addictions. She causes them.

When Cal moves to Los Angeles to start a small hypnotherapy business he expects a quiet life of meditation and helping others. He doesn’t expect to find a moonshiner squatting in his living room. Especially not a cute one.

Win is a hipster committed to bringing artisanal methods and an avant-garde sensibility to the most down-market drink possible. She’s going to be the one to bring it to the yuppies regardless of any interference by some neurotic hypnotist.

But when Cal’s self-important and boozy landlord, demands $9,000 in damages caused by Win’s moonshine operation, Cal finds himself with no other option than endorsing the practice that got him into trouble in the first place.

Unfortunately, however, every sales attempt fails. The situation looks bleak, when out of desperation Win finds inspiration: umami.

Umami (a real thing) is the flavor that gives foods a rich, meaty, full-tasting texture. It’s the undefined mystery in what we eat, and Win realizes that key to their success is a line of revolutionary umami cockails. At first, Cal isn’t so sure about Win’s brilliant idea, but after one sip, he’s begins to see that hypnotism and inebriation might not be so different after all.

If they can stop fighting each other, the landlord and one attractive stalker – Cal and Win might just be able to come up with something great.


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