The Project

It’s no secret that everyone in LA does more than one thing: assistants act, actors direct, producers spend nights jamming in a rock band, and everyone is trying to finish a screenplay. Once I even met a man in a pizza place in Gatlinburg, Tennessee who pitched me a story idea. From lawyers to policemen to bartenders, everyone has the desire to create something new, something entirely their own.

That desire is what Moonshine Inc. is all about. Because every songwriter grows a song from just a few notes, each stanza of poem was carefully thought out, and even moonshine has a process uniquely it’s own. And this process of creating is sacred no matter what the end result – whether it is song, poem, building, equation or film.

And so we thought, why just stop at one process when we can pay homage to so many more? Music has and artistic process so does food. In the movie the lead female creates a line of entirely original cocktails. Another character is determined to shoot a perfect infomercial. Moonshine Inc. is more than just a movie, it is a hub – merging filmmaking and music and food and culture all in one place stemming from one uniquely dynamic area of Los Angeles – Silverlake. In addition to being an important piece of the city’s quilt, this rich community took in The Guide and gave it so much, the result of which is the undeniable presence of the neighborhood in the film.

In the coming months we hope to feature local hotspots, clubs, bars, restaurants, great new bands, galleries, shops and of course, the journey of the film as it moves to the festival process. Ultimately we hope to join forces with the local scene and and work as a team to promote each other, the community and the arts. Screenings the film at local hotspots, collaborating with local charities, featuring performances of local bands, these are just some ideas that are currently percolating. More on that as those ideas develop, but hey…if YOU have any thoughts, or want to be involved yourself or your organization, feel free to contact us at

Ultimately though, Moonshine Inc. comes down to umami. A key element in the film, “umami,” is often defined as the fifth taste, along with sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. It is the taste often associated with meats and other high-protein foods. The taste of fullness that makes a truly satisfying meal. Because everyone needs a little umami in their lives.


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