Moonshine Inc. Cafe Press Store NOW OPEN!

17 05 2010

Rectangle Magnet

Attention cast, crew, fans, family and friends of Moonshine Inc. – get your goodies in the newly opened store on Cafe Press.  Mugs, hats, stationary, even every moonshiner’s favorite accessory – an apron – all with the supercool Moonshine Inc. logo, can be purchased.  Part of the proceeds will go directly towards the film – festival submission costs, a premiere screening and more.

You can check out a few items here, and the rest at the store.

Something else you want to see up there?  Let me know!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Stackable Mug Set

Trucker Hat


Moonshine Inc. Reviewed in Chicago Blog

29 04 2010

Well girls and boys, Moonshine Inc. has gotten it’s first review!  Chicago-based blog Antagony & Ecstasy did a write up of the film and it’s not half bad.  We’re pretty excited about it!  You can read it here.  Or enjoy my personal favorite highlights…

“Philip Crippen’s microbudget feature Moonshine Inc. is on paper another one of the many, many quirkycore indies with a raving [Manic Pixie Dream Girl] at the center…in practice, it’s not quite as simple as that, and not least because “selling hipsters moonshine ironically” isn’t quirky so much as it is distressingly plausible. Rather than trying to redeem the manic pixieness of the scenario by downplaying it, or treating it straight, Crippen goes nuts with it, and drags Powell with him; it’s largely her performance, which resembles one of those violent woodland creatures in a Tex Avery cartoon rather than an ostensible human being, and all for the good, that manages to shift Win from “impossibly darling and twee girl” to “borderline-insane person who is magnetic precisely because she is so obviously deranged”…”

“It helps as well that Crippen doesn’t demand our love for his characters and situations, the way that so many quirky indie filmmakers do; nor does he make the opposite mistake of drifting too far into ironic distance, and thus becoming unbearably smug. It’s not as fine a line as all that – dozens of great comedies in the ’30s and ’40s were produced in exactly that margin, the great screwballs – but after so many unwatchable Wes Anderson clones, it’s pleasing to see one that mostly works…”

“Slickly shot by Will Beckley, Moonshine Inc. moves comfortably from night to day, inside to outside, and through a nice array of color temperatures that keep the film’s tiny number of locations looking fresh every time.”