Super Duper @ L.A. Guerrilla Gardeners Rock n’ Crawl

23 04 2010

Do you like to have fun?  Super Duper DEFINITELY does – so if you’re looking for a good time head to the L.A. Guerrilla Gardeners Rock n’ Crawl: Earth Week, Bands and Gardening on Saturday April 24th, where the band will be performing at the 7th St./Metro Center Red Line station, on Hope St. just south of 7th, at from 6:26 to 7:12 p.m.  They’re a totally unique band who likes to party – and look damn good while they’re doing it.  No only that, they’ve got a big heart too!  I came across their music when Super Duper donated their skills, pipes and won the award of TOP FUNDRAISER(!!!) for 826LA’s Battle of The Bands 2009.

Now they’re playing in the dirt with the L.A. Guerilla Gardeners, who will be arriving at the 7th St/Metro Center Red Line station after spending the day gardening along the Red Line.  Details as follows

Straight from the website – for just $15 Pre-Sale / $20 Day Of you get…

  • Official LAGG Aluminum Water Bottle
  • An Adult Beverage OR Yummy Juice to fill your new water bottle
  • 9+ Local LA Bands
  • Happy Hour prices at Bar 107 After Party
  • Free digital download of bands from the crawl
  • Tons of high fives

Want to know more?  Go here

Go check ‘em out for a good cause, and listen for “Club Apocaplyse” used in a key party scene of Moonshine Inc.!


Garage Pizza: Garbage It Ain’t

21 04 2010

It says something about a place, when around 2:30am across town in West LA a drunk person has a craving for food from there after having eaten it only once before.  First of all, it says that there are so few restaurants open at 2:30am it’s worth remembering when you encounter one.  More importantly, it says that the food must be pretty darn good.

And at Garage Pizza it is.  Whether you’re going for a slice of cheese or the intimidating “Annihilator” (meatball, pepperoni,sausage, red onion, bell pepper, mushroom, feta cheese) you’re going to get a great (and great BIG) slice.  Full pizzas are large too – the only option is 18” – so make sure you have at least one buddy to share, or a sizeable refrigerator.  Not in the pizza mood?  Garage Pizza has a selection of sandwiches and salads available until the wee hours as well – be careful though, the hotwings ain’t lying – they are hot!  Trust me though, you want to get the pizza.

These guys were also good enough to donate a couple pizzas to the Moonshine Inc. set for lunch one day, so go grab a slice and say thanks from me.

The Idaho Falls Feel the Love on New Album

14 04 2010

Looking for some great new music? Well, Los Angeles, look no further than your own backyard! Released first thing in January, the new album from The Idaho Falls called The Spark is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Check out coverage and tracks from the band’s Aquarium Drunkard session here, where the album touted as “one of the strongest entries in contemporary canyon rock.”

And read the album review by Web In Front, listing The Spark as one of the “Best Music of 2010 – Part One (January – March)” between the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Ted Leo and The Pharmacists. When something is called “a study of pristine pop wedded to a love of dark Americana” how can you not take a listen?

What are you waiting for? Buy the album here.

Shows On Every Coast (And In The Middle)

9 04 2010

Looking for some live music?  That’s right, Moonshine Inc has ‘em all over the place.

Missed The Pity Party at 826LA Chickens In Love Mini-Music Festival?  Well you can catch them back at the Echoplex tomorrow night playing with local heavy hitters Saint Motel and Voxhaul Broadcast.  This is a show not to be missed so get there at 8:30pm ready to rock.  Info and tickets here.

If you happen to be visiting an incredibly smart friend in Durham, NC tomorrow instead – hit up the Duke Coffeehouse to see Rifle Recoil.

Here’s his song, “Bad Girl” as used in the film Inc during an especially hilarious flashback montage sequence….

Rifle Recoil “Bad Girl”

Or you might be opposed to temperate weather altogether, in which case you’re in Chicago.  Great news!  You too can catch some action from one of the Moonshine Inc. bands – Moses Cleveland.  Recently featured in the Nautica Jeans Co. Spring 2010 Brand Video, they’re playing TONIGHT at the Elbo Room with Number One Rival, The Black Saints, and Club for Heroes.  Be there by 11pm.

And check out their song “Terrorize” used in the same sequence in the film…

Moses Cleveland “Terrorize”

Blue Kid @ Sidewalk Cafe

25 03 2010

So I know this is way more in advance than usual, but I’m out of the country starting tomorrow through Apr 5 and just HAD to get it in before I left.  Not to mention the fact that these tickets sell out FAST.

If you’re in NYC on April 3 get to the Sidewalk Café for some jazz, soul, and attitude with Blue Kid and I promise you will not be disappointed.  You won’t hear such smart and poignant lyrics crooned anywhere else.  Be there by 11pm or your missing out.

Listen to her track “Next To You” (with “Steal My Kisses”) performed live at the Duplex

Moonshine, What’s The Big Deal?

24 03 2010

While home-brewing beer and making your own wine is perfectly legal – cooking up your own batch of “artsanal liquor” is definitely not.  But why?  Is the government bitter over the number of tax dollars that they lose by allowing home-distilling?  Or is it simply because the levels of toxicity in a shoddily brewed batch of moonshine is rumored to cause blindness?  And why are so many people sneaking their own stills these days?

Check out these nifty articles for a little backstory and the current 411 on the hippest reinvented (secret) profession.

Or head to New Zealand to brew your very own moonshine!

“Why Is Moonshine Against The Law?” (Slate, Oct 2007)

“White-Collar Moonshine: The Urban Gourment Gets Into Home Distilling” (Chow, March 2007)

And most recently…

“Hipster Moonshine: Hooch isn’t just for hillbillies anymore” (The Atlantic, April 2010)

The trend lives!

Diamonds Under Fire @ Hotel Café

19 03 2010

The press loves her, and you should too. This Saturday night make sure you get yourself to the Hotel Café to see Diamonds Under Fire play with Skyler Stonestreet, Ashley Matte, Alyssa Suede and the Quiet. Set time is 7pm so get there early! It’ll be the most responsible $10 you’ll spend all night.

Check out Vanessa giving the inside scoop AND playing a special acoustic version of “Binge Thinking”