Moonshine, What’s The Big Deal?

24 03 2010

While home-brewing beer and making your own wine is perfectly legal – cooking up your own batch of “artsanal liquor” is definitely not.  But why?  Is the government bitter over the number of tax dollars that they lose by allowing home-distilling?  Or is it simply because the levels of toxicity in a shoddily brewed batch of moonshine is rumored to cause blindness?  And why are so many people sneaking their own stills these days?

Check out these nifty articles for a little backstory and the current 411 on the hippest reinvented (secret) profession.

Or head to New Zealand to brew your very own moonshine!

“Why Is Moonshine Against The Law?” (Slate, Oct 2007)

“White-Collar Moonshine: The Urban Gourment Gets Into Home Distilling” (Chow, March 2007)

And most recently…

“Hipster Moonshine: Hooch isn’t just for hillbillies anymore” (The Atlantic, April 2010)

The trend lives!