Classic Cocktails with Moonshine Inc : La Louisianne

8 06 2010

Drop some cocktail history on guests at your next party with this classy drink from New Orleans.  The bartender ain’t bad either…


Little Dom’s: Home of the Bacon Old-Fashioned

9 03 2010

Just off Los Feliz Blvd, sitting on a quiet streetcorner on Hillhurst, is Little Dom’s.  With its classic leather booths and dark wood, it’s the picture of a quaint, old-fashioned Italian café.  I must admit that I’ve only been for brunch, but it was an exciting one – due to both a star sighting of Jason Lee, and their amazing Scrambled Eggs Bruschetta with Grilled Baguette, Roasted Tomatoes & Pesto.  However, if words like “quiet” and “old-fashioned” don’t float your boat, then hopefully “bacon” and “booze” will.  Little Dom’s is the only place where you can wash down your eggs  with an ice cold bacon old-fashioned.  Win would be proud.

Umami Cocktails Not Just In the Movies…

3 03 2010

Ever had that 3am moment when you say to yourself “man, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to combine this tasty Big Mac and this ice cold beer into one glorious merging of greasy,boozy goodness?” They’ve already created the beer-garita. And now you can follow the lead of Los Angeles locals, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, who are creating such drinks as the McNuggetini, Ham Daiquiri and The Bloody Bacon & Cheese – and showing YOU how to make your own.

Check out the article by LAist

And their blog

Even Hoda and Kathie Lee tried the McNuggetini, so you should too. And let me know how it is…