Good Micro Brew & Grill: Good Beer and Good Company

27 04 2010

It goes without saying that Good Microbrew & Grill has good beer.

Photo courtesy of Yelp user Katie P.

Even so, I’ll say it again: GOOD HAS GOOD BEER.  Their beer menu is a legal-sized, two-sided novel in size 8 font.  It’s so overwhelming that every time I go I ask for a recommendation – and I recommend you do too, because what really makes Good great is the people.  One of the first times I went my boyfriend wanted to stay and have one more drink at the bar – this turned into a multiple hours of trying flights of IPA and the discovery that all beers on draft come in dangerously large goblets.  A few months later we were sitting in the same spot experiencing a heartbreaking sports loss.  What did our beermeister do?  Cut us a deal on some Allagash White and slipped in a bottle of his latest favorite for us to try.

While I think the above story is reason enough to block out a few hours of your night, I actually really like the food as well.  It’s not gourmet, but it’s big portions for reasonable prices and I have yet to be disappointed with a meal.  Doubters should try the Waldorf salad or mac and cheese and then tell me you didn’t leave satisfied.

Really though, screw the food – it’s all about the beer.


Little Dom’s: Home of the Bacon Old-Fashioned

9 03 2010

Just off Los Feliz Blvd, sitting on a quiet streetcorner on Hillhurst, is Little Dom’s.  With its classic leather booths and dark wood, it’s the picture of a quaint, old-fashioned Italian café.  I must admit that I’ve only been for brunch, but it was an exciting one – due to both a star sighting of Jason Lee, and their amazing Scrambled Eggs Bruschetta with Grilled Baguette, Roasted Tomatoes & Pesto.  However, if words like “quiet” and “old-fashioned” don’t float your boat, then hopefully “bacon” and “booze” will.  Little Dom’s is the only place where you can wash down your eggs  with an ice cold bacon old-fashioned.  Win would be proud.

What is umami?

17 02 2010

So for the first official post I would like to direct your attention to the “description” of this blog above:

“An intermediate guide to hypnotism, umami and of course, moonshine”

…Though I guess you could have just read it there. In any event you may now be wondering what “umami” is. Unless you’ve been to Umami Burger. If you have then SH. If you haven’t here’s the definition:

u•ma•mi (ōō-mä’mē)
n. A taste that is characteristic of monosodium glutamate and is associated with meats and other high-protein foods. It is sometimes considered to be a fifth basic taste along with sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.

Or as Win says in Moonshine Inc:

Umami gives a full sense of mouthfeel. You find it in meat and tomatoes and parmesan. It only got discovered in the Twenties, but it’s a totally legit sense. It’s like the ESP of taste.

And there you go. It’s a pretty serious thing. Aside from the badass burger chain (review coming later when I finally listen to my boyfriend and go). There is an entire site dedicated to all things umami

Even a festival.