Garage Pizza: Garbage It Ain’t

21 04 2010

It says something about a place, when around 2:30am across town in West LA a drunk person has a craving for food from there after having eaten it only once before.  First of all, it says that there are so few restaurants open at 2:30am it’s worth remembering when you encounter one.  More importantly, it says that the food must be pretty darn good.

And at Garage Pizza it is.  Whether you’re going for a slice of cheese or the intimidating “Annihilator” (meatball, pepperoni,sausage, red onion, bell pepper, mushroom, feta cheese) you’re going to get a great (and great BIG) slice.  Full pizzas are large too – the only option is 18” – so make sure you have at least one buddy to share, or a sizeable refrigerator.  Not in the pizza mood?  Garage Pizza has a selection of sandwiches and salads available until the wee hours as well – be careful though, the hotwings ain’t lying – they are hot!  Trust me though, you want to get the pizza.

These guys were also good enough to donate a couple pizzas to the Moonshine Inc. set for lunch one day, so go grab a slice and say thanks from me.